Our Company

Our Company


Pampa Beverages is an American company founded in 2003.

Our group offers alcoholic beverages to leading supermarkets, wholesalers, convenience stores and distributors worldwide. We manufacture a large range of products with our own brands or for private labels.

Our Business Units


Our wineries in Argentina are located in San Rafael, Mendoza and Cafayate, Salta.
All wineries have been established for more than 100 years ago, and our brands are some of the most prestigious in the country.

Some of Our Brands:
Region 1QuaraSouthen VineyardsSuterLujuriaPampa EstateFelix


Pampa Beverages is proud to be the exclusive importer of the following beer brands:
Quilmes: Argentina´s most favorite beer.
Paceña and El Inca: the most recognized brands in Bolivia
Pilsen: the most recognized brand in Uruguay

About Us

Cost competitive. Superior quality beverages

Pampa Beverages is a family owned business.

  • We base and run our business on the following values: Excellence, Enthusiasm, Ethics, Service and Teamwork.
  • We foster strategic alliances with worldwide companies to give our clients Cost Competitive and Superior Quality Products.
  • We believe one of the most important competitive advantages offered to our customers are our efficiency and commitment.
  • Among Pampa Beverages values, we can make several distinctions: Long Term Relationships, Trust and Reliability, Synchronization, Quality Assurance and performance driven.

Long term relationships

Pampa Beverage’s sales team dedication and commitment to the development and maintenance of long term relationships has enabled us to grow systematically.

Trust and reliability

Several of the top U.S. and South American retailers and wholesalers trust Pampa Beverages as their permanent vendor. Whether demanding the company’s brands or packing under their own private label, the company takes care of the entire process of sourcing international products, and by doing so, enables their clients to focus on generating value at their stores.


The company has taken supply chain synchronization standards to the next level. Pampa Beverages’ state-of-the-art software plays a key role in keeping track of thousands of containers, inventories, and deliveries to hundreds of endpoints. This division’s team manages a complex network of land, water, and rail shipments, synchronizing each step of the chain to deliver orders right on time at any designated place throughout the United States, South America, Central America and Canada.

Quality assurance

Safety is a well-developed strength and priority for the company. In addition to complying with FDA standards, Pampa Beverages’ products are tested to assure consistency, and strict compliance of quality standards.our_company_logos

Inventory management

The company’s warehouse capacity and inventory management technology enables its clients to minimize costs and shorten lead time. Retailers and wholesalers are able to source globally without receiving delayed orders. They can request volume quantities based on “live” shelf movement figures.
Pampa Beverages entire organization is conducted with the highest level of honesty, excellence in execution, and respect for its customers, suppliers and employees. The company works to achieve the highest standards of performance and improves the lives of our customers as well as the communities around them.


1110 Brickell Ave. Suite 307
Miami, FL 33131 U.S.A

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